Northstar Pet Supplies is a manufacturer and distributor. We strive to provide the most natural, healthiest, sustainable, high quality food items to our customers.
In the trading segment, through our globalized logistic chain, we offer a wide variety of food products that is originated from Alaska to Chile and the north American to Asia, product categories include but not limited to fresh and frozen seafood, meat, fruits, grain, and pet foods.
As a manufacturer, we dedicate to the highest quality in all aspects. We carefully control every stage of the production, from equipment and raw material selection, ingredient research, formula development, to processing; the focus has always been on health and nutrition.
To provide the best quality product is our goal!


All natural.All of our products are manufactured from natural raw ingredients. Our purchasing department works diligently to select vendors. We only purchase ingredients from industry leads. Our production line is state of the art, most modern and productive. By doing all of these, we earn your trust to be your most reliable Business partner.


We have selected the most harmless method during production. There is no negative environmental impact from our plant. In the meantime, we do participate in many charitable activities to advertise clean environment, green energy, recycle, etc. By doing that, we show sincere respect to our customers, our society and the environment .


Through technology revolution, we are able to modify our product to meet all standards. We have the most natural ingredient, scenically proven formula, modern production method, and most importantly, our great people, we will keep presenting the best product to you.
Let’s work together for a better earth!